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  • Accelerating the Digital Economy and making Romania and Central Eastern Europe more competitive. 

    This is the biggest business & technology conference in Romania. We are here to talk about business, how to enable every Romanian citizen and every Romanian business to achieve more in a mobile first, cloud first world! This is our direction.

    Kostas Loukas, General Manager, Microsoft Romania
  • Competitiveness through Innovation. 

    There are 7 billion people on the planet, three billion people are connected at the moment to the Internet. That says that there is still a lot of opportunity in the World. But whether or not Microsoft takes the lead, or others take the lead, you take the lead in your particular part of the business sector that you work in, society in the world is becoming Mobile! The Cloud is here!

    Don Grantham , President, Microsoft Central and Eastern Europe
  • IT Today: Resetting Our Defaults 

    My contention, my strong belief is this – it’s time for all of us to start resetting our defaults! So what does that mean? Well, if you’re an IT leader, a CIO, a head of AppDev or infrastructure, you probably have some default conception of what your platform is … you’ve got to reset this! The most fundamental default resets that have to happen: #1, The New Enterprise IT Platform; #2, Cloud Platform Technologies Everywhere; #3, A new ALM process for the new world. All of these things are happening right now at the same time. All are affecting how we function, all of them are really important!

    David Chappell, Principal, Chappell & Associates
  • From Data to Business Insights. Discover the opportunity and take smart decisions!

    There’s a lot of trends, every single one of those trends drives data. More employees have more devices, each one of those devices drive data! You’ve got lots of new applications, all those applications are driving data! The Internet of Things is exploding a number of sensors out there, all generating data! We’ve generated more data in the last two years than in the history of mankind, and that’s pretty interesting to think about.

    Eron Kelly, General Manager SQL Server Marketing, Microsoft Corporation
  • Reach For The Heights!

    We do it with passion for the project, we do it with meticulous preparation and we do it with the right group of people!  You’re going to have to transform yourself again! You’re going to have to move forward from that success and seek out new frontiers!  What we need to understand is what it takes to put together really effective teams. Have that vision to set ourselves the really ambitious goals and the courage to simply  get out there and try and make it happen!

    Cathy O'Dowd, 1st woman to climb Mount Everest from both sides
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